Two Things

Gaming and Programming.. maybe programming for some games, who knows. Either way, I'm a geek, right?

About KiruAddons

Seems I've started making addons for Wildstar, where my toon's name is Kirukai.  As most things do, it started off with just one.. KiruChallenge.  I was spending a lot of time repeating challenges in Thayd and was not happy with the current addons.


Then another.. KiruBox came up while I was RPing.  Some RP sessions can get very long-winded, and Wildstar's chat truncates around 500 characters.


And now that I'm on my third I guess I'll just make a section for them and start linking the different ones I make inside the section.  This is very organizational for me and I hope you appreciate it, random visitor.


KiruBox (also on Curse)


KiruChallenge (also on Curse)


KiruMark(er) (work in progress)