Two Things

Gaming and Programming.. maybe programming for some games, who knows. Either way, I'm a geek, right?


Yep.  Marking.  Like a dog on a tree.  This is a work in progress.  You shouldn't download this unless I've told you to, cause it might blow up your house.  Or pee on you. 


Known problems with existing marker addons:

  • Communication between addons
  • Lack of permissions checking
  • Questionable functionality


Development Completed in KiruMark(er):

  • Basic addon stuff
  • Choose marks and location
  • Display / clear marks
  • Window Markers / Pixie Herding
  • Preliminary Cat Herding
  • Persisted data
  • Icons to Zone Map and Minimap
  • Icons on target Part 1
  • Options panel
  • Notes on Markers
  • Edit placed markers
  • Sync
  • Share Markers


Known Development To Be Done:

  • Keybind(s) - determine
  • Pick a name for the addon - hard!
  • Profiles - zone or otherwise


Features to be added before release:

  • Profiles
  • Permissions checking in groups/raid
  • Group designations in raids - in progress


Pick a Name:

  • KiruMark
  • KiruMarker
  • KiruTag
  • KiruBeacon
  • KiruFindsNamingThingsHard


Download KiruMarker