Two Things

Gaming and Programming.. maybe programming for some games, who knows. Either way, I'm a geek, right?


Another Wildstar addon, which is more of a collection of UI tweaks that I made for myself or friends asked for.


1. Hide the Quest Tracker during combat (or permanently)

2. Auto-Reply to whispers received while in Combat (can include the current target and health % too)

3. Auto-Reply to whispers received while busy (/kib)

4. Add keybinds to the YES / NO prompts that pop up.

5. Make the Item Detail popup window escapable (the one that pops up when you click on an item link).

6. Hide the annoying banner at the top of the screen when visiting a house.

7. Add the Link menu to tradeskill schematics that have sub-recipes (variants) to link them in chat.

8. Add Whisper as an option for your Account Friends


Download KiruTweaks